Why we are here

The world of real estate is mostly exactly what you'd expect.

  • Meet clients

  • Show houses

  • Sell houses

Truthfully, this is the majority of my day. Every day. I love my job, and I love the pleasure it brings to improve someone's lifestyle through real estate. For some, it's that backyard they've never had where their newborn will learn to walk and run. For others, it's finally enough space to live and work during a pandemic without feeling the urge to kill your family.


Since getting my real estate license, I've had the chance to see that there is more to this beautiful industry than just houses and contracts. There are moments that go beyond negotiating aggressively to achieve the lowest price, or pitting buyers against each other to get the highest price. Truthfully, floating somewhere above all the phone calls, open houses, offers, and closings there are points of beauty and sophistication in the buildings, the process, the moments, and the people.

In my writing and videos, I hope to take these four ideas and elevate the discussions in real estate to a new, more elegant level. I hope to create a timeless archive of content that sparks discussion and at least a little introspection into why we, as humans, are so impacted by the process of buying and selling what a dear friend of mine Todd calls, "just a pile of mud and sticks".

Wondering what I mean? Here are four ideas that may, or may not, become future pieces:

  • The Buildings: Why the 3rd bedroom is the most important

  • The Process: When writing offers, make sure you can still sleep at night

  • The Moments: Why a drug deal made me a better agent

  • The People: A phrase I hear weekly, "This will be my last house."

I don't plan to write about buildings (that I'm selling). In fact, I won't try to sell you anything. If you find this content valuable, please share with friends. And if you've read this far, thanks! You're already my favorite client.

~Chris, The Real Estate Professor